What Is Enam Alamin?

Enam Alamin is an unlimited download based website that provides a huge variety of products, Presets,Plugin and tutorials for anyone and everyone involved in the post-production game, from digital content creators to motion graphics and VFX artist.We also offer amazing plugins for Premiere Pro that provide incredible transitions and effects to elevate the quality of your final videos.

Put simply, we’re like a one-stop shop for all your video post-production needs!


Commercial License Rights

1. You can also use any of our products (free or paid) for personal and commercial use without the need to credit us.

2. You CANNOT sell or redistribute our source files.

3. You CANNOT offer customized versions of our products, nor can you offer to customize our products for another person (e.g. “I will update this Enam Alamin template for $10”). Even though you wouldn’t be passing on the source file, this would still be in direct competition with our business and is therefore strictly forbidden.


Terms of Service :

“Digital Media Files” are any images, animations, films, videos, or other audio/visual representations recorded in any computer-readable format or form that are obtained, directly or indirectly, from Enam Alamin.


Long story short, you’re free to use any of our downloaded products, provided you don’t share them with other people.

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